Well hello. My name is Katie and I like to read, write and talk about books. When I am not talking rapidly about the Victorians on Booktube, I also write novels and short stories, and work in publishing.
This website is a muddling of sorts. For a long time, I used it mostly as a blog for book reviews, but as I've become less active with the blogging and more active with the vlogging, mostly you'll find here updates about my reading and writing, a short story or two, and another portal to my Booktube channel. 
I write short stories and novels, chiefly historical fiction. I have had short stories published in a few magazines. You can find some of my writing here
I like books. A lot. I enjoy a huge range of books but I especially love classics (chiefly Victorian literature), historical fiction, reading group fiction and short story collections, although I also enjoy women's fiction, fantasy, science fiction and a little non-fiction. I like strong character, gripping plots, beautiful writing, unreliable narrators, non-linear narratives and Victorians. 
On Booktube, I make videos twice a week, from monthly reading wrap ups to discussion videos, from tag videos to author weeks. (If you do not know what Booktube is, it is Youtube for Books, and is a thing of many splendours.) I also host two big readathons a year: Jane Austen July each July, and Victober (Victorian October) every October.

Review policy: I am more than happy to receive review copies from publishers. I enjoy classics, historical fiction, reading group fiction, general women's fiction, Japanese literature, and realist short story collections. I will also consider some YA, middle-grade, sci-fi and fantasy as well. I will not review horror, erotica or thrillers, and will only rarely review non-fiction or poetry. In general I do not review self-published books.