Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Books – The Lola Quartet, by Emily St John Mandel

Now before we begin, I know this blog has been a little deserted in the last month. In the tumble of work, Booktube, and (nearly) finishing writing my novel, I got slightly out of the habit of writing book reviews, and then I got really out of the habit of writing book reviews. However, as of today that is changing, for Emily St John Mandel’s The Lola Quartet is far too good to be consigned to a minute’s Booktube wrap up.

I read and reviewed Mandel’s Station Eleven several months ago now, and it was one of my absolute favourite novels of last year. A post-apocalyptic novel that’s much more about people than about the apocalypse, a travelling theatre company who perform Shakespeare in the face of the end of the world, an interesting narrative structure and a lot of well-developed characters with subtle links to one another – it’s a perfect, brilliant, wonderful novel. So I was very excited and very nervous when I picked up The Lola Quartet.